The Garden now is a protagonist, not a simple background

Italmesh expertise has expanded and improved its painted metal meshes into an new application which turns all kind of facades and walls into a green vertical suspended garden.
The meshes are integrating an irrigation system that allows the cultivation of any plant species.

Zero Gravity Eden was born to be the vertical garden that subverts common places, becoming - from a background element -a real protagonist of space and beauty of any building.

Zero Gravity Eden is designed to cover any type of structure, optimizing its performance and giving it an unmatched aesthetic impact.

patented fastening system

Zero Gravity Eden is equipped with a patented fast and modular fastening system, which makes it possible to cover the entire facade of any building.

many different green species

Green is selected in order to resist local climate. Their range can be wide: from ornamental plants, to bushes or even vertical kitchen gardens.

automatic watering system

with Wi-Fi connection to the local weather station, to give the plants the right amount of water.


Zero Gravity Eden consists of 100% recyclable aluminum meshes. It is also a sustainable solution because excess water can be collected and recycled to water the plants.

  • Modular system, that consists of self-contained panels with customizable dimensions, that can be easily installed and removed
  • Certificated aluminium meshes
  • Powder coated, with 20-year anti-corrosion warranty, available in any ral, pantone or special colour
Thermal insulation

Zero Gravity Eden insulates the building, as it won’t let the heat out in winter and won’t let it in, in summer. It guarantees a remarkable energy saving.


As natural thermal insulators, the plants will reduce the impact of noise: so Zero Gravity Eden can be used to soundproof the building. Noise reduction is reinforced by panels width, which reaches 20 cm.

Greener environment

Green facades increase urban greenery, with many environmental benefits such as lowering summer temperature and climatic winter mitigation.

Psycho-physical wellbeing

Zero Gravity Eden contributes to physical wellbeing, thanks to the natural purification function of the air guaranteed by plants. And don’t forget the psycho wellbeing that is felt by the human body when it lives in a green environment.

Unmatched aesthetic impact

With its 100% green design Made in Italy, Zero Gravity Eden turns buildings into great scenic impact architectures.


Zero Gravity Eden has been designed and tested to last. The best professionals select the most suitable plants, those that can best adapt to the local climate.

Easy modular installation

The vertical garden patented Italmesh is delivered ready to use. So, it is can be easily installed and removed, also thanks to its modular composition. Possibility of product storage for later use.

Customizable sizes

Zero Gravity Eden consists of customizable single units, which size can be adjusted to suit any need.

Practice maintenance and cleaning

Zero Gravity Eden modules are practical and fast to maintain and clean.


For 1/3 of the starting cost, all the plants can be replaced with a brand-new vertical garden, to begin a new life cycle.

    Who design public or private buildings, professionals who are keen on design, appearance and environmental sustainability.
    Willing to build a new property or renovate a dilapidated one.
    For whom this new green technology is an opportunity to build an exclusive yet functional villa.
the first Zero Gravity Eden project

ItalMesh has first experienced Zero Gravity Eden advantages, installing the vertical garden at its Montirone headquarters. In addition to the aesthetic result, visible in the steps below, the building has gained in performance.

Tests performed in ItalMesh headquarters in August 2016 - 3 months after green facade installation - found that the thermal gradient between the front of the green panel and the back was nearly 20°C. This is because the sunrays are partly filtered out by the green panel and will not warm up the back of the building.

ItalMesh headquarters before Zero Gravity Eden installation

ItalMesh headquarters after Zero Gravity Eden installation

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