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01 December 2017
Agrobresciano Informa

ItalMesh mette radici nel design green
An innovative model of vertical garden is the latest product launched on the market. Read the article »

31 October 2017

Zero Gravity
Wonderful and sustainable vertical gardens, from the simple and ecological maintainance. Read the article »

14 October 2017

Zero Gravity Eden, ItalMesh firma il nuovo giardino verticale
The company based in Montirone exhibits in preview the patent. Read the article »

14 October 2017
Giornale di Brescia

L'Eden verticale della ItalMesh rifà il look alle imprese
Luca Baronchelli shows off his new “garden” supported by a mesh in aluminium. Read the article »

14 October 2017
Corriere della Sera

La Zero Gravity Eden mette radici nel mondo
From the production of meshes made by aluminium to the green turning. Read the article »

Press archive

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